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Although the staff does support flexibility with your characters, we do have a few rules that must be followed

1. no unrealistic names please! this means you cannot have a starkit, destinysplash, deathpaw, or any other crazy names!

2. no unrealistic pelts! you are allowed to have cats with no breed, although we will no allow a crescent moon or heart on your character's chest.

3. your character can not be invulnerable! they cannot escape every battle without a scar, or dodge every attack thrown at them!

4. if your character is clan-born, they cannot have any twoleg items on them!

5. if you are a rogue joining a clan, the leader decides if you keep your name or not

6. no matter how injured your character is, you cannot be medicine cat apprentice without approval of the staff!

7. you must earn your high rank! asking for a rank will decrease your chances of ever being awarded one.

8. staff's word is law! if you think what a staff member is doing is wrong, private message the site owner ( haz or ragged) with your complaint. 

9. Also if you think  a mod is breaking or abusing there title please let Ragged(Main founder beside's haz) Know this would be much appreciated! 

10. Please do not use art that isn't yours or attempt to steal others art. That  is not yours. If you have permission to use it please let staff know that will be much appreciated!

11. Please enjoy Clawniel and  have fun! 


"Welcome to Clawniel, where your dreams come true. If you're looking for somewhere to roleplay Warriors, Clawniel is the site for you!" (Cheesy af but it works) "What Clawniel offers is a warm, welcoming community, and a fun roleplaying aura! With the four conventional Clans to chose from, plus the promise of rogues and danger just around the corner, there's never a dull moment. So will you climb to the stars with ThunderClan? Watch from the mist with ShadowClan? Swim through troubled waters with RiverClan? Race to the edge with WindClan? Free yourself from law with the Rogues? The choice is yours. However, blood ties cannot be changed, so choose wisely!"